Customer Benefits

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As an Ambit Energy customer, you can save on your energy bill every month. 

There is no cost to join Ambit, no paperwork, no risk and nothing will change in the way you receive service.  Your current provider will still supply your energy to your home and will fix any problems that could come up in the future.

Ambit’s customer service agents treat each customer as though they are special.  To Ambit they are special because they rely on customers to attract other customers.

Along with highly competitive rates, Ambit gives you customer incentives. Just for joining Ambit, customers receive a complimentary two-night hotel stay at your choice of 25 travel destinations.  In addition-you receive a Travel Reward point for every kilowatt of electricity and 10 points for every therm of natural gas you consume.  These Travel Reward points may be redeemed for exotic cruises and relaxing vacation getaways.

Free Energy

Ambit also offers a free energy program, which gives you the opportunity to earn free energy based on your customer referrals.  If you refer 15 other customers to the service, Ambit will average the bill amounts for those 15 customers and apply that amount as a credit to your energy bill.  If the average amount is equal to or more than your energy bill, your energy is free.

To see the rates and plans available, visit my website at: